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Everyone today is talking about how technology can be used as a means to generate high quality results, using Intelligent database as a means to serve their customers. But no one really thinks about quality of the delivery that finally reaches the client. Being a cost prohibitive space, lead generation partners have started using unethical ways of generating leads.

Working for companies like Salesify (Acquired by Ziff Davis), Demandshore then being an entrepreneur at Leadbase and Demandmatrix serving Fortune 500 companies and delivering over one million leads, we realized that the only way to get renewals and make sure that clients succeed in getting the desired ROI is a very tight QC process.

Our Services

Phone and Data Verification

Verification of the contact details (phone number) of the prospects and data on the prospects’ social media account and data in the public domain.

Data Correction

In case data is incorrect or missing the correct information (if available or found)is appended to the appropriate field(s)

Match IO

If you have specific requirements like matching the Job Titles, Revenue, Employee Size, ABM, Suppression etc. or any other special requests.

Recording Review

Our QC Team will listen to the recordings to evaluate their authenticity.

Recording Forensics

Recording forensics software and the QC Team analyze the recording files to determine if the call has been edited

Full QC

Full QC covers all the above services and is highly recommended.

Our Customers
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Grow Your Business With TrueQC - Combat Lead Fraud And Maximise Your Lead Generation ROI

I’ve really liked using TrueQC. It’s pretty intuitive and yes, the data is definitely useful and has helped us uncover malpractice, which is great to weed out rogue traders. And of course you have been super helpful and responsive!

Maddy Hogg, Partner Manager