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Our Story

Everyone today is talking about how technology can be used as a means to generate high quality results, using Intelligent database as a means to serve their customers. But no one really thinks about quality of the delivery that finally reaches the client. Being a cost prohibitive space, lead generation partners have started using unethical ways of generating leads.

Working for companies like Salesify (Acquired by Ziff Davis), Demandshore then being an entrepreneur at Leadbase and Demandmatrix serving Fortune 500 companies and delivering over one million leads, we realized that the only way to get renewals and make sure that clients succeed in getting the desired ROI is a very tight QC process.

Our Misson Statement

A commitment to Sustainibility

We are going to stay committed to sustainability no matter what. Sustainability towards our Clients ROI, sanitize the lead generation market and help our clients evaluate their vendors enabling them to have more control.

A commitment to Innovation

It’s all about discovering new avenues, what the blind eye cannot see. We will stay committed to innovation by creating technology and process to make the lead generation industry- Cheaper, faster, better.



QC Platform

The QC Platform is an easy to use interface where you can simply upload your Lead Campaigns, choose Full QC for an in-depth quality check of your leads.And if you have special requirements, the QC platform helps you chose the specifics and customize the service requests for your campaigns.