TrueQC 17th Aug, 2021

7 reasons why Quality Control is Ess...

Lead quality is the factor that will drive your lead generation. High quality leads will result in a higher conversion rate and ROI. T...

Louis M. Blaut 29th Apr, 2021

Virtual Events Solutions to Replace ...

Virtual Events are the future for so many types of events. This list includes some of the most common like conferences, trade shows an...

Louis M. Blaut 23rd Apr, 2021

Demand Generation Challenges for Tec...

Let's take a look at the top Demand Generation Challenges faced by Tech Companies in 2021. Some of the solutions of these challenges m...

Louis M. Blaut 19th Apr, 2021

Building Trust with Prospects

Trust building is a psychological exercise, so we should look to psychology for advice on how to do it.

TrueQC 14th Apr, 2021

Marketing Automation vs Personalized...

A marketing automation strategy and a personalized approach are effective for lead generation. They both have their benefits and their...

TrueQC 28th Mar, 2021

Who Bears the Costs of Invalid Leads?

When an invalid lead enters the system, inefficiencies abound creating a ripple effect across an entire organization. So, when bad or invalid leads…

TrueQC 17th Mar, 2021

Is ABM Effective Only for Large Key...

ABM helps to align the sales and marketing teams and encourages them to work together and represent the business in a collaborative way.

TrueQC 03rd Mar, 2021

Tactics to Increase Your Marketing Reach...

Successful marketers realize that during difficult times it is more important than ever to get their message in front of prospective customers.

TrueQC 03rd Mar, 2021

Top B2B Marketing Strategies For 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting the way businesses operate and people live, marketers need to adjust their strategies accordingly in 2021 if they...

Nirmala Devi 22nd Dec, 2020

Brand Building vs Demand Generation - Both matter

Successful brand building will lead to successful demand generation. It should never be Brand Building vs Demand Generation...

Nirmala Devi 21th Dec, 2020

5 tips to help your B2B Campaigns

Are you satisfied with the performance of your B2B campaigns? Sharing with you 5 tips to help boost your B2B campaigns.

Danny Sachdev 24th Nov, 2020

Is a social presence and a valid email enough to prove…

We generally think that when a person leaves a company, he/she updates his/her social profiles, official emails etc. Is this the case every time?

Nirmala Devi 20th Nov, 2020

How Covid-19 has changed B2B Sales forever?

Covid-19 has completely changed the process of B2B buying and selling. Perhaps this change is going to be there forever.

Danny Sachdev 31th Oct, 2020

Unrealistic ABM will kill B2B

ABM is one of the most widely adopted strategies in the world of B2B Marketing. However, marketers need to focus on realistic ABM.

Nirmala Devi 30th Sept, 2020

Why is QC an Integral Part of Your Lead Generation...

According to a survey, B2B marketers have demonstrated a clear preference for generating high-quality leads over generating a high volume of leads.

TrueQC 12th July, 2020

B2B Lead Forensics

In the B2B world, the major challenge is to generate qualified leads; but the top challenge is to ensure that every lead is of a high quality.

Vandita Grover 23th Jan, 2020

5 Ways to Deliver High Quality Telemarketing leads

High quality leads mean higher conversion rates. Generating high quality leads is vital for your business growth.

TrueQC 19th Dec, 2019

Is your lead fake?

Being a cost prohibitive space, lead generation vendors have started using unethical ways of generating leads.