Is your lead fake?

Being a cost prohibitive space, some lead generation vendors have started using questionable ways of generating leads.

19th December, 2019

Have you ever had a call recording for a prospect that doesn’t exist in the company? If so, you should know that your lead gen vendor may have started editing / tampering with call recordings. Some lead gen vendors make fake LinkedIn profiles and emails of leads.

The current lead market is highly inefficient. Being a cost prohibitive space, lead generation vendors have started using unethical ways of generating leads. Expenses of processing such fake leads highly frustrate lead buyers. Moreover reputation of lead suppliers is at stake. Fake leads are major problems both for lead generation companies and lead buyers. Increase number of such fake leads drive up costs and return nothing.

Serving top Fortune 500 companies and delivering over 250,000 leads, we realized that the only way to ensure customer success is a very tight QC process. TrueQC powered by Technology, driven by Humans sanitize lead generation market, help evaluate vendors – resulting in better ROI.