Top B2B Marketing Strategies For 2021

It is a challenging environment for business-to-business marketers and will remain that way throughout 2021. Marketing leaders need to continuously get their message out while aligning it to the current business and social climate so not to come across tone deaf.

03rd March, 2021

To do this, marketers need to personalize their content to their targeted audience. They can’t just push self-serving messages on products and services, but also must communicate how their business can help customers through these unprecedented social, political and economic times.

Marketers must keep their content strategies flexible in 2021 and look to make connective experiences with their audience, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Content should address their audience’s current priorities and lead with empathy and cause emotion, stated several content marketing executives.

In addition, marketers must think “inclusively”, according to the CMI report. Their messages need to represent all communities in order to be fully empathetic and understanding to their customers. This starts with purposefully embracing this strategy during the ideation process before pushing any content out.

A main way to accomplish this is to include clients in their content marketing assets whenever possible. Businesses want to hear from their peers. They want to know what problems they had, how they tackled the situation and then ultimately the outcome. Smart marketers leverage their customer successes to connect on a peer level with their audience and add credibility to their messaging.

Marketers can do this by incorporating customer case studies or testimonials in their whitepapers, blogs, and other marketing messages whenever possible. Also, have customers blog or even participate in podcasts to give their perspective. Success breeds success.

Furthermore, a cornerstone to any B2B marketing strategy in 2021 needs to involve emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR). Successful businesses are investing in these platforms to generate leads more quickly and efficiently while minimizing human error.

AI is helping marketers in four key areas, according to a recent report by the Marketing Institute.

  • Better understand and predict customer behavior
  • Generate more leads
  • Convert more leads into sales
  • Build a better pipeline

With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting the way businesses operate and people live, marketers need to adjust their strategies accordingly in 2021 if they are going to be successful.