Why is QC an Integral Part of Your Lead Generation Process?

According to a survey, B2B marketers have demonstrated a clear preference for generating high-quality leads over generating a high volume of leads.

30th September, 2020
Nirmala Devi

We all know that lead generation is an integral part of a business. Without it, businesses will struggle to make sales. Lead generation has always been a topic of discussion for businesses and their leaders. However, many business owners do not realize that the actual area of concern is the Quality of Leads. Business owners and marketers need to shift their focus from just lead generation to Lead Generation + QC.

One of our clients ran an email campaign to generate leads. They wanted us to QC the leads generated from this campaign. They were very confident about the quality of the database with verified email address, LinkedIn profile, location, industry and job title.

Below are the stats of the campaign.

  • Emails sent = 12,440
  • Open + Click = 800
  • People with OOO replies = 80
  • Bounces = 250

The email campaign resulted in 800 leads (Opens + Clicks), a conversion rate of 6.4% which is under industry standard. There were 250 bounces which was only 2% of the entire database which affirmed the quality of the database. But when our Team did Phone Verification of all 800 leads, the result was shocking.

  • After Phone Verification,
  • Number of qualified leads = 440
  • Number of disqualified leads = 360

Below are the detailed findings from Phone Verification:

  • 90 of the leads, whose LinkedIn profiles said they were working with their respective companies, as had left those companies.
  • 30 of the leads have a different job title that does not fit the ICP.
  • 240 of the leads have either wrong or invalid phone numbers.

As per the above data, 45% of the leads turned out to be disqualified. Imagine the amount of time and money that could have been wasted by the sales people to chase these disqualified leads. This is what our client said after seeing this report “This is unbelievable, we are in complete shock! Thank you for saving the time of our sales guys and saving our cost big time.”.

According to a survey, more than 80% of sales people waste their time trying to chase disqualified leads or bad prospects. Is this your story too? Have you ever questioned…

  • Why do you face challenges in connecting with leads and prospects?
  • Why are your leads not converting?
  • Why does your sales pipeline look unappealing?

With a QC Process incorporated in your Lead Generation Process, you could boost your conversion rate and save thousands of dollars.

TrueQC’s Flagship Service – The QC Platform is a simplified interface for marketers to ascertain the quality of the leads generated through different demand generation campaigns. It has a multi-step verification process to validate and verify all leads. To learn more about the QC Platform, write to contact@trueqc.io.